Published Works

Over the last 20 years, Silva Brand has authored numerous white papers and articles about branding, the general economy and our cultural conversations for a host of national and international publications, including the Huffington Post, Thomson Reuters, The Leader Magazine and UK’s Hot Topics. Simply click on the articles below to access a full text version.

September/October, 2017
Conflict and the Personal Brand, CIRE Magazine
How does a strong personal brand allow you to sustain and flourish during periods of conflict? Our new piece for the international CIRE magazine looks at how you can build brand equity through the way you manage tense negotiations. Read our Conflict Piece

August 30, 2016
Trump the Brand, Huffington Post
What does Donald Trump’s status as a rebel brand tell us about the likely outcome of the election? Our new piece for the Huffington Post looks at how Trump can learn from Benetton, Dolce & Gabbana and Apple. Brand Trump Here

Spring, 2016
The Millennial Rules, SIOR
On it’s 75th Anniversary, SIOR asked Silva Brand to co-author a special article on how the millennial generation has changed the rules of commercial real estate.  By 2025, 3/4 of people in commercial real estate will be Millennials. What are the rules of engagement driving the next era of brokerage? Find out here.

February, 2016
Is Your Brand Ready for 2016? Illinois Real Estate Journal
With the real estate market bracing for shadow space and slackening yields, you can’t rely simply on demand to power your business; you need a brand that differentiates you from your competitors. What are the three biggest mistakes that CRE firms make in promoting themselves? See the Top 3 No No’s

October/November, 2015
How Much is a Brand Worth? Midwest Real Estate News
Why did a company with $20m in revenues get acquired for $16 billion? Or what about the $1.1 billion acquisition for $14 million in earnings? In both cases, the valuation wasn’t based on EBITDA, income or assets. It was the strength of the brand. How do you raise the valuation of your asset or your company through the strength of your brand? Learn the Steps Now

June/July, 2015
How Do You Reposition a Building Brand? Midwest Real Estate News
Silva Brand was the first company to analyze the structure of a successful real estate brand, identifying its 3 primary parts. But rather than sticking to ivory-tower theory, we looked at how it works in the real world. How did River Center become 111 North Canal? How did Dearborn Plaza become 20 West Kinzie? By repositioning not only the building but its brand to drive its cap rate and yield. What is the Secret Sauce?

July, 2015
Warby Parker: America’s Finest Brand? The Huffington Post
From ideation to innovation to impish execution, Warby Parker doing almost everything right and studying them offers more lessons in how to launch a stellar brand than shelves of marketing theory and brand guides.  Silva Brand asked Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Neil Blumenthal about Warby Parker’s current ascendancy and his answers evoke the brand’s mix of earnestness and sophistication as much as any of the stores.  How does Warby Parker Do It?

May, 2015
Can ZTE Conquer the US Market?, Hot Topics (London)
ZTE is the 4th biggest manufacturer of smartphones in the world but it is unknown in America. Now it’s mounting its biggest campaign ever. Silva Brand looked at the firm’s strategy and slick new ads and talked to the Mad Men behind the campaign to see what works and what doesn’t. Does ZTE get the US?

March, 2015
The Millennials and the Workplace Revolution, Development Magazine
We are living through the next great revolution of the workplace brought on by the largest generation in history.  A hundred years after Frederick Tylor created the first offices, millennials are reconceptualizing offices as transformative and experiential with 4 modes of work.  They want walkability, access to cool local restaurants.  They want real and they want to be connected.  See the office of the future.

March, 2015
Developing Buildings and Brands,
How do you create a new real estate brand in a mature, $5 trillion industry?  This spring, I sat down with one of Chicago’s hottest new developers to talk brands and buildings.  Find out how he created an image that’s part Fight Club and part Goose Island — timeless without the pressure to be hip and contemporary.  See for yourself.

December, 2014
Marketing to Millennials: How to Create Connections with the Internet Generation by Dustin Cohn, Tom Silva and Richard M. Honiball books24x7(c)2014
Silva Brand joined a panel that included the Marketing heads of Haggar Clothing and Jockey International to break down how your business and brand will be shaped by the largest generation with the largest spending power in history.  How do you dial up digital natives? See for yourself.

September, 2014
The Gap and its Brand Mistake, The Huffington Post
So much branding springs out of a mistake about what branding is; in other words, that a brand is a customer-facing image rather than a three-sided beast that is as much about the capital markets and the internal culture of a company as it is about pretty pictures on the Super Bowl. Still, you’d think that a major consumer brand would have an army of brand strategists that wouldn’t make these mistakes. You would be wrong.

December, 2013
Branding Real Estate, Commercial Property Executive
While premium Class A buildings are sometimes branded under their anchor tenant’s name (like the Time Warner Center in New York) or their vanity name (think of the Rookery in Chicago), the vast majority of the nation’s commercial real estate stock is not. But now that’s changing. Forbes Magazine is leading a charge to brand commercial office buildings worldwide. Check it out.