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Interactive Web Design Partner

Valeria Kurolapova

Design is not only about beautiful pictures but about solving business problems as well
  • Portrait of Valeria Kurolapova.
  • Valeria Kurolapova in front of the Roman Colosseum.
  • Valeria Kurolapova working on her computer.

Being passionate about art since her School of Arts classes, Valeria has started her path in web design 5 years ago.

She finished several UX/UI courses and attended different web design conferences and webinars. Valeria is constantly improving her skills to stay up to date on design trends, tools, and technologies. Before her career as a web designer, she worked in a marketing agency, which gave her the opportunity to view design as a tool for the growth of companies and not just as a nice picture.

In her free time, Valeria enjoys traveling, sports, and having fun with her friends.